Happy New Year! CD130

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays. CD130

Hope all you ladies have had a nice time filled with love, laughter and yummy food!

I did plan on having a little break from here for a while. I didn’t plan on it being 130 days :-S

Lots of blogs to catch up on!

We are currently on CD130 :-S

The new year is going to be a mega health kick for us! No more eating rubbish and lots more exercise. Lose weight and get the IVF process started!

Life is not the best at the minute. I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut. Far too many of my friends lost loved ones this year. I’ve put lots of weight on and currently off work sick after an accident at work.

My Wife’s little sister announced to the family that she was pregnant on Christmas Day. We are happy for her but also a little sad. My wife was really upset and had to leave the room. Her sister was understanding and came upstairs to us and we all hugged it out. She knew that we had been TTC. We hoped to be pregnant for Christmas and would hopefully be announcing it. Also my friend is pregnant. She had an arranged married last year (her choice not forced) Went over to visit him for 2 weeks and said she’d be getting pregnant while away and did just that!

I see ladies on here who monitor perfectly, who time everything to the minute and get BFN month after month. Some people are just lucky I guess.

I guess I’m in a why not us phase at the minute.

Really hoping that 2015 will be the year we get pregnant!

Nice to come back and see some BFP but also sad to see so many of you still awaiting your BFP. Let’s hope 2015 is the year for all of us.



We have blood!!!!! CD1 finally! :-)

After 4 days of brown/pink spotting she finally has a full on heavy period. She’s in pain but is happy to finally have a period!

She’s staying on pregnitude, vitamin d, calcium and zinc this cycle and taking soy isoflavones from CD3-7 to hopefully improve the quality of our little eggies πŸ™‚

I have had the laziest day ever today. Woke up at 6 made Wife some breakfast, had a shower, put fresh pj’s on, waved wife off, got back in bed watched a few episodes of Hannibal, my parents came to visit , had lunch, got back in bed had a sleep, watched more Hannibal, Wife came home and had a snuggle , had dinner now back in bed to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Divergent.

I don’t think I’ve had a lazy day like this in years. Wife was sad to miss it. We are both off together on Monday so we are planning a PJ day with films and board games.

I am ovulating today (I got a positive OPK last night). I always find that just before I ovulate I get flu like symptoms and horrible pains like gallstone pain (I had gallstones and my gallbladder out so it can’t actually be gallstone pain) so that’s my excuse for staying in bed.

We have been planning our maternity leave.

Initially Wife was gonna take the first 6 months and me the second. However the last 3 months will be unpaid so financially may not be such a good idea.

The plan is as soon as Baby 1 is born I will start trying for Baby 2 we want them to be close in age and also it gives wife a chance to try again if she wants to. If I do catch early then it would be better financially for her to just take the 9 months.

We shall see. Obviously this all may change once we are actually pregnant/have a baby.

I have horrendous period pains during AF and spot between periods. (Way tmi but i also bleed from by bum during AF) I went to see the gynaecologist. I had an ultrasound that didn’t show anything abnormal but he says I could have endometriosis and the only way to diagnose is by laparoscopy. I have an appointment in October so I think we will arrange it then. It’s best to get sorted now so when the time comes my body will be more prepared.

I also need to seriously loose weight! I want to loose at least 4 stone.

And so we wait some more!

So we are not pregnant. We got a positive OPK while we were away so it looks like she didn’t even ovulate when we inseminated. Her temps have gone up and stayed up this time so feeling positive that she is actually ovulating (well as sure as we can be)

However she’s now 15DPO and no period 😦

She took Dong quai every 4 hours from Sunday to Wednesday to bring on AF and still no AF or any other symptoms :-S

It’s now been 5 months since her last AF so really hoped that the dong quai, pregnitude or ovulation would bring on AF but nothing! She’s continuing with the pregnitude and also will be taking the recommended daily allowance of dong quai too.

We had a lovely week away we saw lots of shows and lots of friends.

Seeing Gillian Anderson in street car named desire was definitely a highlight. She was incredible although that led to us both crying at the end of the show. They are broadcasting it live to theatres around the world so we will be going to see it again then. We also won the ticket lottery twice for Book of Mormon and I got to see my favourite Elphaba return to wicked.

We spent a few days in Brighton at a friends wedding and that was lovely. Great to get out of the city and see our friends that we hadn’t seen for a year.

We’ve just booked a week away in October. A week in a little apartment on the Beach in St Ives Cornwall. Should be much more relaxing than the crazy week in London we have just had. Also a whole week of just me and my amazing wife πŸ™‚ I really cannot wait. We bought a new board game from amazon to take with us.

So now we continue to wait for AF to show her face!


10 DPO – Poorly Wife and our week away.

10DPO – Poorly Wife and our week away.

So we are currently on the train to London for the week πŸ™‚ with a 2 night stay break to Brighton in between for our friends wedding.

Wife has been really poorly since 8DPO she had a huge temp drop yesterday but it’s shot back up today but she may have a fever so not sure what to expect.

Yesterday she literally slept all day every time she stood up she was dizzy, she’s got a headache and a terrible cough. Shes still coughing but feeling less foggy. It’s really weird because she never gets ill. I pick up everything and she never usually catches anything even when she’s looking after me.

So the TWW has sent us both a little
crazy… every tiny symptom and we are convinced it’s baby related. We did tests 8DPO, 9DPO and today 10DPO today there was the faintest of lines. I’m so hopeful but know I need to stop otherwise I’m going to end up disappointed.

When I used to see people posting pictures of early tests I never got it. I used think how can they even think they can see a line there! Now I’m that person who can see the invisible line :-S it’s quite fun as it’s the first cycle but I can see how this can really take a toll on someone after a few months of negatives. I don’t think I truly understood how difficult and emotional the whole process would be. I believe so much that we are going to get pregnant but my mind is telling me not to think its a possibility.

We are going to see Wicked tonight which is my absolute favourite musical and where I proposed to my lovely wife. I feel that I need to purchase a green babies rule baby vest. We shall see if I can sneak it past the wife as she is on a ‘no more buying baby stuff’ mission at the minute.

Hopefully we will see Book of Mormon tomorrow then off to Brighton Wed and Thur. Back to London Friday to see Gillian Anderson in a street car named desire and seeing Billie Piper in Great Britain Saturday night. Think we can fit in a Saturday matinee too. We were going to Harry Potter studio tour Sunday but I forgot to book and now it’s sold out :-S oh well still lots to see and do!

We bought some first response pregnancy tests this morning. Not too be used before Friday!


Added picture to post. I can still see it lol


7DPO & Crosshairs

So we haven’t been feeling too optimistic about this cycle (out loud anyway) we decided it would be our practice run.

OPK was never a very clear positive but we did inseminate on the most positive looking day. She has continued to test everyday and the last couple have been pretty negative.

However this morning 7dpo, Fertility friend gave us crosshairs! We are now crazily excited and feeling more optimistic. Wife’s temperature rise hasn’t been as dramatic as mine but they are there!

So this made us feel a bit more excited to test! We decided to test from tomorrow (8dpo!) I know it is super early and will likely lead to us becoming disheartened but we shall see.

Symptom/phantom symptoms so far have been:
Bloating (her lower stomach is really hard to touch)
Gas (tmi!)
Flu like symptoms
Pain in her hip ( we think she pulled something whole trying to stay raised for an hour after insemination!
She did have sore boobs but that’s not as bad today.

Whatever the test says we will be prepared for next month and will be less stressed about the whole situation.

Wife just sent me this message:


Our first two week wait is finally here!


We are currently lying on the bed in the spare room playing cards, drinking juice and and eating a banana!

This was not what I was expecting at all!

I was terrified waiting for the donor to arrive. I made sure we had a bottle of water in the fridge for him to take with him on his journey back. I didn’t really know what else to do! He’s making a 160 mile round trip just to hand over the donation.

So yesterday we sorted the spare room out got the pre seed and soft cups ready and practiced the best position for wifey to sit with her hips raised.

We slept fairly well considering but was both a little bit quiet and stressed this morning. We did discuss how we felt about the process and agreed if it felt wrong we would both speak up and cancel. It’s weird because it didn’t feel wrong or right beforehand it was just uncertain.

So anyway we knew he was arriving in a van between 10-12 and so every van that drove past we would think it was his. He text like he said he would to give us two minutes notice.

At this point I though I was gonna have a heart attack!!! We were ridiculously nervous and both had nervous giggles.

He knocked on the door and we both greeted him. He was happy to just stay at the door but I invited him in. He did ask if we were sure and was very polite and professional. We made small talk for a few mins. I offered him the water, he declined lol, he handed over the donation and off he went!

We went straight to the spare room and wifey got in her hips raised position. I put some pre seed into the soft cup and then the sperm. Then handed it over to her for her to pop in. She did say I could do it but I wanted her to do if as she could feel it was in the right position.

So that was it! I did a quick tidy up, got some drinks and snacks and we waited patiently. While playing Go Fish and 8’s.

It’s now been an hour now so back to normal life activities.

I will say that the whole donation process was much less stressful and scary than I expected it to be. It was also much less messy and awkward.

So now we wait!

If we did catch first time (which I’m not optimistic about) the baby would be due on my 30th birthday!

OPK Help???


So since March my lovely Wife has been peeing on OPK’s every so often while awaiting her period. They’ve never shown anything other than the test line.

She did spot for 4 days which we thought would lead to a period but never did. If that was counted as an AF then she would currently be CD13.

She started taking pregnitude just before the spotting and so she’s been peeing on things daily just to see…. Today she’s done it twice and both times it’s gotten darker. Could this mean she’s going to ovulate?

Her temps are a little crazy!



Waiting is not fun!

Waiting is not fun!

In March we got so excited about tying to conceive we thought by the end of March we would be in the middle of the TWW. It’s now July and we are still waiting to try! No period and no ovulation.

In March when we looked into it and started to contact donors I thought the problem would be finding a donor that wasn’t a creep. But we managed to find someone who is AI only and has been really open with us about his family and reason for donating. He also seems ok with the fact we have no idea when we may start to try and also seems ok that we may only know when we get a positive OPK. Which is pretty good considering his trip to us will be a 120 mile round trip!

My lovely wife is peeing on lots of sticks and temping but it’s not the easiest to know what’s going on when it’s been over 100 days since her last period. From December – March her periods seemed to be regular. So we decide to try and now nothing!

She still gets period like pains so every time we excited that it’s here. But then nothing!

Then last week she had spotting for 3 days and we thought that was the start but that’s now stopped too. Just hoping the pregnitude kicks in soon and her periods start.

She’s been drinking lots of vitamin C, putting a warm compress on, pregnant yoga and on a low carb diet too.

And so the adventure begins…

We are 2 ladies who can’t wait to be mummies πŸ™‚

Me (Duck) and DW (Giraffe)

We have been together for over seven years and married for two. We have both always wanted children and first started looking into the β€˜hows’ and β€˜whens’ four years ago. We decided that we wanted to get married before TTC so that the child would be legally both of ours and also be financially stable so money wouldn’t be too much of an issue. We decided to do our dream holidays, one before and one after we got married. New York (mini moon before the wedding) for me and Florida for DW (honeymoon)

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